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Chapter Policies

Delta Sigma Chapter, Alpha Phi Omega

Last Updated December 2001

1. Executive Board

a. There shall be an Executive Committee. The Chapter President shall serve as chair. This

committee shall act for the Chapter between meetings and carry out duties outlined in the


b. The Executive Committee shall consist of all the student officers mentioned in the Constitution,

Article IV, Section 1. The Advisory Committee Chair shall be a member without a vote.

2. Committee Chairs

a. A pledge cannot chair a committee. However, a pledge can co-chair a committee with a Brother

as the other co-chair.


b. A committee chair may succeed himself/herself only once, if so chosen by the President.

c. Unless otherwise stated, the chair of any committee shall be automatically authorized by the

Executive Committee to speak for Alpha Phi Omega on matters pertaining to his/her committee,

except for contracting the Chapter to funds in excess of $100.00.

d. All committee chairs must adhere to the accepted Chapter budget. Any expenditure which will

be in excess of said budget must be preapproved by a majority vote of the active members

present at a meeting.


3. Brotherhood Meetings

a. The rules contained in the current edition of Robertís Rules of Order Newly Revised shall

govern the Chapter in all cases to which they are applicable and in which they are not

inconsistent with these bylaws and any special rules of order the Chapter may adopt.

b. Any motion which is a main motion, or an amendment, is required to be handed to the

recording secretary in written form after presentation.

c. The minutes must contain the name of the initiator and the seconder of all motions from the


d. Brothers and pledges must inform the Sergeant-at-Arms in writing upon arriving late or

leaving the meeting before the end of New Business. The Sergeant-at-Arms shall station

himself/herself by the door.


4. Attendance

a. Attendance at Induction, Inquisition, Initiation, Chapter Program Planning Conference and

Brotherhood meetings is mandatory for all.

b. All active Brothers must attend at least one hour of informal rush at the beginning of each

semester. Failure to do so will result in one unexcused absence.

c. Members of the fraternity who are registered for a class conflicting with the Brotherhood

meeting will be considered "Brothers and Pledges in class." All "Brothers and Pledges in

class" are expected to come late to the Brotherhood meetings at the conclusion of their class

session and attend Executive Board meetings.

d. Leaving a Brotherhood meeting before the end of "New Business" is an absence.

e. To determine if an absence of a Brother from a Brotherhood meeting is excused, the Recording

Secretary shall talk to the absent Brother to determine the reason for the absence. Reasons for

excused absences shall include: additional community service, Alpha Phi Omega related

business, required class attendance or any other reason deemed suitable by the Recording


f. The Executive Board can overrule the Recording Secretaryís decision with a simple majority

vote at the next Executive Board meeting. An Executive Board absence decision can be

overruled by two-thirds vote of the Brotherhood in attendance at the following Brotherhood

meeting at which a quorum is present.

g. The Recording Secretary shall contact Brothers who have two unexcused absences or three

overall absences from mandatory meetings and inform them that they are in danger of becoming

involuntarily inactive.

h. Three unexcused absences per semester or four overall absences per semester will result in the

Brother becoming involuntarily inactive, with the exception of "Brothers and Pledges in

class" and other reasons deemed suitable by the Secretary.

i. No binding business can occur at a meeting which is lacking a quorum.

5. Service Hours

a. All Brothers are required to do and turn in at least twenty service hours per semester. Less than

twenty hours of service per semester will result in a Brother becoming automatically involuntarily

inactive. It shall be the duty of the Recording Secretary to keep a running tally of these hours.

b. No more than five service hours for a project will be recorded until meeting the twenty hour

minimum. After reaching the twenty-hour minimum, more than five hours can be recorded for

all projects of the semester.

c. When recording hours, transportation to and from service projects shall be counted separately

than service time. Transportation time shall be divided in half and counted towards hours

outside the minimum. Travel time to and from a conference or convention shall not count.

6. The Marvin H. Stocking Endowment Fund

a. The President shall appoint co-chairs to serve on this committee for the terms of the academic


b. The signatures of two advisors are needed for all transactions of the fund. Each advisorís

name shall be on file with The University of Connecticut Foundation.

c. Each semester a letter shall be sent out to all alumni, who have not previously donated,

requesting a donation. All previous donors will get a new letter each Fall semester.

d. Donors will be recognized in the following categories:

$ 0.01 - $ 24.99 Friend

$ 25.00 - $ 99.99 Sponsor

$100.00 - $249.99 Patron

$250.00 and up Benefactor

e. All donations will be deposited into the Alpha Phi Omega general account. Five dollars of

every $25.00 will stay in the general account to pay for the expenses of the Endowment Fund.

A check will be written, less these expenses, to The University of Connecticut Foundation.

Excess operating funds at the end of the year will remain in the Chapterís general account.

f. Gifts will be awarded to donors of $25.00 or more. Undergraduate Brothers who donate

$15.00 or more will receive a gift.

g. Thank you letters and gifts will be sent out in a timely manner by the co-chairs.

h. The Endowment Co-Chairs are responsible for keeping accurate records of all donations and

expenses. These records will be kept in a logbook including the names and addresses of the

donors, the dates and amounts of the donations, the amounts taken out of the donations, the

gifts sent and the date the thank you letters were sent. The finance committee will be responsible

for keeping a ledger based on the log book kept by the Endowment Committee.

i. Updates of donations will be printed in each APOANUC.

j. A new budget will be drawn up at the end of each semester.

k. The beneficiary of this fund is the Delta Sigma Chapter of Alpha Phi Omega; or in the case of

dissolution of the Delta Sigma Chapter, the National Fraternity.

7. Election of Officers

a. The ballot shall be kept secret, destroyed, and no record of the ballots kept.

b. A quorum (more than fifty percent) of the active Brothers is necessary to hold an election. One

must receive a majority of the votes of the active Brothers present to win the election.

c. In the case that no one wins a majority of the votes of the Brothers present, the nominee with

the fewest votes will be stricken from the list and another ballot taken. In case of a tie for last,

both shall be stricken from the list and another ballot taken, except if there are only three

nominees on the ballot. In this case, all shall remain on the ballot regardless of the tie.

d. The slate of Executive Board nominations for officers must be presented to the Chapter two

weeks before elections.

8. In the event of a vacancy in the Presidency, the First Vice-President will become the President

and the Recording Secretary will retain the position and succeed the First Vice-Presidency until

 a special election is held for First Vice-Presidency.

9. If an officer or a committee head should be believed to be lax in his/her duties, he/she shall be

first questioned outside the meeting by a person agreed upon by the Executive Committee. If no

satisfactory conclusion is reached from this questioning, the problem shall be brought up at the

next Executive Board meeting.

10. A file of duties and suggestions shall be set up by the elected officers and standing committee

chairs to which each succeeding officer and standing committee chair can refer.

11. Because the Delta Sigma Chapter is responsible and potentially liable for any act or injury

incurred at an official Delta Sigma event, all planning and actions for such an event will be

subject to approval of the Brotherhood.

12. A budget shall be drawn up and approved by the third meeting of each semester.

13. All Chapter equipment and office equipment shall remain in the office and the use of said

equipment by anybody shall be in the office.

14. Standard procedure for accepting service projects is for a Brother to present suggestions to the

Executive Board. The Executive Board could then approve it to be presented to the Brotherhood

with two-thirds vote.

15. There shall be no publicity regarding service to needy families, in order to protect the privacy of

these families.

16. The graduate members of the Delta Sigma Chapter shall receive the APOANUC. The APOANUC

shall also be sent to each Chapter in Sections 94 and 96, to the Region I Office, the National

Office, and the Boy Scout and Girl Scout councils in Connecticut.

17. The Pledgemaster shall select a Big Brother for each pledge in a pledge class.

18. Honor Brother and Chapter Distinguished Service Key (This policy was changed in the spring

of 1998. It will be added at the first opportunity).

19. The Chapter Pledge Manual will be reviewed and accordingly revised every semester, before

induction, by the Executive Committee and with the approval of the Brotherhood.

20. Pledges are responsible for knowing everything in the Chapter and National Pledge Manual.

21. The policy committee will bring policies up-to-date every semester as needed. The date of its

last revision will be posted on the Constitution, By-Laws, Policies, and Chapter Pledge Manual.

22. All Brothers and pledges are responsible for knowing everything in the policies. Each pledge

shall receive a copy of the National By-Laws, Chapter Constitution, Chapter By-Laws, and

Chapter Policies at Induction.

23. If any person incurs a bill for the Fraternity, the Fraternity must be notified of this bill within

three regular Brotherhood meetings after it is incurred, in order to receive payment or

reimbursement, except in bills incurred in the last three weeks of the Spring Semester, in which

case they will be presented before the final exam period.

24. If the Chapter accepts a project for three successive semesters, that project will become a

standing committee, unless voted down by the Brotherhood.

25. Before a Brother is made an advisor, he/she must leave the Brotherhood in good standing and

be out of the Brotherhood for at least a one-year period.

26. Any neophyte of the Delta Sigma Chapter who must remain so for an extended period of time

(i.e. one or more Brotherhood meetings) due to an absence at Initiation may enjoy the rights of

making a motion, chairing any committee, wearing their pledge pin at their own discretion, may

attend Inquisition and may participate, and may remain in the room during the Second Vice-35

Presidentís report. A neophyte may not hold an Executive Board office, cast a vote, be a Big

Brother to a pledge, wear a service pin, and may not wear the Fraternityís letters.

27. Any Brother or pledge who has verbally, or in written form, committed themselves to a service

project and does not show up shall be docked the number of hours of the service project from

their total semester service hours at the discretion of the Executive Committee.

28. The Brotherhood reserves the right to extend pledgeship of a pledge whom they feel needs

more time to acclimate themselves to the Fraternity. This pledge must complete the requirements

of his/her pledge period or comply with the conditions set forth by the Brotherhood. An

extended pledge shall remain no longer than one semester.

29. At the beginning of each semester the Executive Board Officers will designate their time of

computer usage. All remaining time is considered "free" time for all other Brotherís usage

which may be signed up for in the office in one hour blocks within a maximum of three hours.

Pledges may use the computer only with a Brotherís supervision.

30. No food or drink is allowed near the computer.

31. Blank Alpha Phi Omega disks are for Alpha Phi Omega use. Use personal disks for personal


32. Any pledge or Brother who misses a Saferides shift, and fails to provide the chairman with a

reasonable, or at least twelve hours notice, will be docked five hours. Appeals are at the

discretion of the Executive Board.

33. The President shall announce prior to all Executive Board elections that only Brothers who do

not expect to be placed on academic probation for the following semester should consider


34. The Academic Chair shall organize three on-campus, voluntary study halls for every semester.

It is his/her responsibility that these sessions remain conducive to studying.

35. If any officer is placed on academic probation, he/she shall notify the President within three

days of their notification.

36. Chapter Expenditures

a. The term expenditure will refer to an expense that the Brotherhood wishes to incur. Repayment

of a loan or an unexpected bill that is accepted by the Chapter will be paid immediately upon


b. Any expenditure that is in excess of $100.00 but no more than $500.00 must be approved by

a majority vote of the active Brothers in attendance at a business meeting. The expenditure

must be proposed one meeting before it is voted upon.

c. Any expenditure in excess of $500.00 must be approved by a two-thirds majority vote of the

Brothers in attendance at a business meeting. The expenditure must be proposed two meetings

before it is to be voted upon.