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Meeting Minutes – 9/3/02

Kelli-beth Conway called the meeting to order at 6:37 p.m.

Roll was called.

Bill Covey announced that Kelli-beth Conway is now President because he had to step down. Lexie Bush is now 1st VP of Service until a new election for the office is held. Rachelle Theroux will act as Recording Secretary for the time being since Lexie is now 1st VP.

Treasurer’s Report (Tarra Strauss):

Dues will be $30.00 for brothers.

First Vice President Report (Lexie Bush):

She just found out that she will be 1st VP and is doing her best under these circumstances. There is no service book yet. She really needs everyone’s help and please e-mail her with any service project ideas. Bingo will probably still be Thursday nights…

~Lexie was interrupted when 2 visitors from USG came to speak about the donation of a female husky mascot:

It was decided that Alpha Phi Omega cannot accept this alumni donation because of costs, manpower, etc. There was a story about it in the Daily Campus. Any further questions should be directed to Meg Oehler, Husky Committee Chair. USG supports us completely on this issue and signed into legislation an agreement stating that there is only one official mascot, Jonathan XII. From a USG perspective this issue is resolved. ~

…Hebron Fair volunteers are needed for this Sunday, the fair is run by the Hebron Lions Club, and we’ll be helping out the Boy Scouts with garbage collection.

On Sunday, October 13th there will be a 5K walk for The Rob Branham Foundation raising money for the Leukemia Foundation. We need about 15 volunteers for this project and people can form teams if they would like – would like definite commitments next week.

Jim McDonald talked about a carnival this weekend at the Veterans Hospital in Rocky Hill, he would like volunteers or donations from any brothers who are interested.

Second Vice President Report (Lori Leniart):

Rush is going well so far. Posters have been made and will be put up in Northwest, Towers and North Campus this week. Posters will be in office if you’d like to hang some.

Trying to do two informational meetings a week. Please sign up to come to one if you can.

Want brothers to go and talk about Alpha Phi Omega in freshmen FYE courses. Will only take a few minutes but will count as an hour of service. Please contact course instructor first and people can go in groups of two.

There is a Relay for Life cancer event in Windham October 19th and 20th. Trying to get a fraternity team together, if interested talk to Lori.

Other Officer Reports:

President (Kelli-Beth Conway):

CPPC will be held Sunday from 12-3:00 in the Student Union, and will be considered an absence if you do not attend.

Fundraising Chair is still open, someone please see Kelli if at all interested.

There will be a Budget and Finance meeting Wednesday night at 6:30 in the Student Union. Any budget issues, please see Kelli or Tarra.

Service committee needed because Lexie just got office change yesterday. Would really like people to volunteer to help her out.

Everyone is invited to come to E-board at 9:00 p.m. on Sunday.

Needs someone to take over ring sales this semester. It is a big job but that person can form a committee.

Recording Secretary (Rachelle Theroux):

An address list is being passed around, please sign it so that the official list can be sent out in the next week or two.

Key cards can be picked up from Rachelle for our new office.

S.A.A. (Meg Oehler):

The new office is set and there are mailboxes for everyone. Drawers are now assigned for officers and committees.

President (Kelli-beth Conway):

There will be an election on September 17th for 1st Vice President of Service and any other offices as necessary. Nominations for this office will open up next week.

Treasurer (Tarra Strauss):

Copies of the budget are available. See Tarra if you would like a copy.

Fraternal Committees:

Husky (Meg Oehler):

Jonathan was in a new training program over the summer. Handlers need to be re-trained because of this and any interested new handlers should see Meg.

Calendar of Jonathan’s events is available from Meg.

Still involved in a new home search for Jonathan – would like the entire brotherhood’s help in finding a new host family.

Conclave (Jess Mikes):

Conclave will be held here November 1-3.

Right now there is no place for people to sleep and we have over 200 guests coming. Holly gave her a list of contacts and would like help calling. Any suggestions or help would be great.

Karyn Bailey will be sending out invitations soon and needs help from others.

Jess would really like everyone to help out with some facet of Conclave because it is way too big of a job for one person to do.

New/Old Business:

Jess Mikes moved to accept last weeks minutes.

Kim Usselman seconded.

Motion passed.

Volunteering at Hebron Fair after CPPC on Sunday for anyone who can go.

Points to the Good of the Order



Letters and Phone Calls:

Kim Usselman talked to Becky Monroe.

Bill Covey talked to Kevin Boguski.

Sarra Farroquee talked to Kristi Logan and Chad Southerland.

The Bitch Box was read.

The meeting was adjourned by Kelli-beth at 7:46 p.m. Brothers gathered in a fellowship circle and sang the Toast song.