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Minutes for March 26, 2002

Kristi Logan called the meeting to order at 6:34 p.m.


Two guests came to the meeting. 

Emily came to speak about a Charity Bike Tour for AIDS.  She needs to raise $3500.

Jessica from UCONN PIRG came to speak about the Hunger and Homelessness project.  It’s on April 6th from 12-3. 


Roll was called.


Bill Covey moved to accept last week’s minutes pending corrections.  Jessica Mikes seconded.  Motion passed.


Treasurer’s Report (Bill Covey)

We have $2408.83 in General and $639.52 in Service.

Dues were due last week.  Talk to Bill if you have not paid yet.  You will be involuntarily inactive otherwise.

CPW money was due also.


1st VP (Kelli-Beth Conway)

There are a lot of projects on April 6th.  Make sure not to sign up for more than one.

Blood Drive table signups are in the book.

Bingo is this week.

There is no Stafford Springs because it is Good Friday.

New project at Juniper Hill to crochet and quilt for Project Lionus.

The Covenant Soup Kitchen wants us to come back and paint.

Wednesday April 24th we’re going to volunteer at CPTV in Hartford.

Brother of the week is Ashley Lavender for becoming a Handler.  Jenn Snelling is pledge of the week for all her hard work on the pledge class social.

The Leukemia Triathlon is Sunday, April 7th.  If you’ve signed up to go please remember it is mandatory. 


2nd VP (Jessica Mikes)

Pledges took their midterm.

The pledge class service project is tutoring 3rd graders at an elementary school is South Windsor April 10-12.  It will be from 1:30-3:30. 

Jess Mikes moved to accept the pledge class service project.  Bill Covey seconded.  Motion passed.


Other Officer Reports


Recording Secretary (Lexie Bush)

Lexie is not having office hours this week because of the Jewish Holiday.

Tammy Westenfeld and Missy Roma both are going voluntarily inactive. 


President (Kristi Logan)

Lori Leniart was appointed the new SAA for the remainder of the semester.

There is no E-board this Sunday.


Fraternal Committees


RunWalk (Kelli-Beth Conway)

RunWalk is Sunday, April 21st.  It is mandatory.  Please see Kelli if you can’t make it.


Conclave (Kim Usselman)

Kim needs definite names of people who want to go to UVM Conclave.  Almost everything is paid for by USG.  We would need to pay for a Friday night hotel if we chose to stay in the hotel.  We only have 12 definites and have money for 20 people.


New York sectionals are April 20th in Brooklyn Heights.  It’s $15.  It’s the same day as Goodwin Park Cleanup.


Banquet (Chelsea Dowe)

Banquet is going to be at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Hartford.  She wants to have the invitations out by the end of the week.  Please talk to Chelsea if you can help.


Policy (Kim Usselman)

Kim moved to make it mandatory that each committee chair meet at least three times a semester with their committee and committee meetings must be announced at the brotherhood meeting prior to the committee meeting.  Jessica Mikes seconded.

Motion passed.

Kim moves to make a Fellowship VP.  Jess seconded.  We have to wait two weeks to vote.


Fellowship (Kim Usselman)

Oozeball is coming up. 

People seem interested in going to the Drive-in movie theater.

Trying to get a group of people to drive down to North Carolina for the Nascar Race.  It would be $20. 

Stafford Springs has a car race on Friday nights.


Old Business

Blood Drive Bags are at the Student Union Help Desk.  There is some new stuff in the bags.  Please read the folder inside the bag.


New Business

Kelli-Beth Conway moved to spend up to $99.99 for RunWalk copies.  Jen C. seconded.  Motion passed.

Kelli-Beth moved to get a $10 donation for Habitat Humanity Love Shack.  Chelsea seconded.  Love Shack is on April 10th.


Nominations for the nominating committee were made.  Voting will be next week.


Jenn needs a number of people for dinner for the Pledge Class social next Friday night.  They’re having a pizza dinner at Shippee.


Kim moved to accept four hours of service for herself for tutoring over winter break.  Chelsea seconded.  Motion passed.


Point to the Good of the Order

Jess has CPW pictures.


Announcements were made.


Letters and Phonecalls

Jenn Shea talk to the Quinnipiac Girls.  They’re excited about banquet.

Lindsey Howie talked to Mike T.  We’re all welcome to stay with him when we go to the Nascar Races.

Jim saw Johanna Fleming, Amy Ferland, and Margaret Piasecki.

Kristi saw Amy Hotsko and talked to Kevin Boguski.

Jess saw Amanda Covey.


The Bitch Box was read.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:30.  We gathered in our Fellowship Circle and sang the Toast Song.