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Minutes for March 12, 2002

Kristi Logan called the meeting to order at 6:38 p.m.

Roll was called.

Jessica Mikes moved to accept last week’s minutes pending corrections.  Kelli-Beth Conway seconded.  Motion passed.

Treasurer’s Report (Bill Covey)

We have $2651.49 in General and $639.52 in Service. 

Dues are due today.  Please see Bill if you have not paid yet.


1st VP (Kelli-Beth Conway)

We have Bingo this week.

No service Saturdays this week or next week because of Spring Break.

The Blood Drive is coming up in mid April.  Signups for tables are in the book.


2nd VP (Jessica Mikes)

Erin Moore depledged today.  She’s too busy this semester.

Renita Bhatia will be depledged if she does not attend tonight’s meeting.

Pledges took quiz #4.

The Pledges have a social idea.  It will be on Friday, April 5th, mid afternoon and night.  It will be an outdoor day w/ games, like ultimate Frisbee, a BBQ for dinner, and then a movie night.  It’s $2 to come and participate.

Jess Mikes moved to accept the pledge social project.  Bill Covey seconded.  Motion passed.


Other Officer Reports


President (Kristi Logan)

Elections are coming up soon.

Open nominations for the nominating committee will be on March 26th.

Voting for the nominating committee will be on April 2nd.

Open nominations for officer elections will be on April 9th.

The nominating committee will announce their suggestions on April 16th.

Elections will be held on April 23rd.

Pledges can run for offices, pending becoming a Brother, but not a front 5 position.


Recording Secretary (Lexie Bush)

A list for a tentative graduation date was sent around, please email Lexie if you did not have a chance to write your graduation date down.

The excused/unexcused absences policy for this semester was clarified.  Basically, excused absences are: class, an exam during the meeting, extremely ill, family emergency, etc.  Please see Lexie with any questions.

If you are absent from a meeting, come in late, or leave early please notify Lexie.


Scouting Liaison (Joshua Machnik)

The scouting tip of the week was about Hypothermia. 


Fraternal Committees


Conclave (Kim Usselman)

We need 20 definite names for the UVM Conclave in April.  As of now we have 13 people signed up, but we have funding for 20.

Nationals are Dec. 26-30 in New Orleans.  It’s $150/plane ticket.  The fraternity is willing to have a payment plan for anyone interested.  We need a committee to help out with the plans.


Conclave Fall 2002 (Jessica Mikes)

There is a meeting Wednesday at about 5-5:30 for planning.  All are welcome.  It is mandatory for committee members.  We still need a safety chair.


Banquet (Chelsea)

She needs help with decoration, invitations, and the silent auction donations and set up.


Policy (Kim Usselman)

There is a tentative Bylaw constitution revision.

There will be a policy meeting Thursday at 6:30 p.m.

You do get service hours for writing policy, but not for meeting.

Pledges are encouraged to join committees.


Husky (Chelsea)

Chelsea received the lollipop molds.  She wants to start making them soon.

Jonathan’s Birthday is April 16th.  There will be a birthday party for him after Run Walk on April 21st on the Student Union mall.


Old Business

Lori went online for the SAC meeting last Thursday, March 7th.  Boston University is having their semiformal on April 26th or 27th.  We all are invited to attend.  Tickets are $28. 

The picnic this summer will be a beach party. 

They are looking for people who are interested in becoming a chair for next year.


New Business


Kelli-Beth moved to make Run walk mandatory on April 21, 2002.  Meg Oehler seconded.  Motion passed.

Run Walk Registration is at 11 a.m.  We need to be there at 9:30 a.m. for set up.  It shouldn’t end later than 2 p.m. There is no closing ceremony, but Jonathan’s Birthday Party will be directly after Run Walk.


Kim moved pending a meeting with the Policy Committee that the Chapter give loans to active Brothers, who sign a contract, for plane tickets to New Orleans for the National Convention in December 2002.  Jess seconded. 


Ua moved to accept Policy 4d, which states, Not being present at a Brotherhood meeting before your name is called for roll call is a half absence.  Not being present at a brotherhood meeting before the end of the first officer’s report is an absence.  Leaving a Brotherhood meeting before the end of “New Business” is an absence.

Kelli-Beth seconded.  Motion passed.


Lindsey Howie moved to accept 5 hours of service for her for volunteering with Habitat for Humanity.  Lori Leniart seconded.  Motion passed.


Points to the Good of the Order

Brother of the week is Chelsea Dowe for her dedication and hard work with the Husky Committee and Jonathan.

Doug is the pledge of the week.

Ua turned 19 yesterday (3/11/02) Happy Birthday Ua!

Hamed let us know that the running club appealed to USG.  Kelli showed up for support, thanks Kelli!  The appeal did go through and the running team will be in Run Walk.


Announcements were made.


Letters and Phone calls.


Jess saw Erin Brennan.  She promises to come to a meeting.

Lori talked to Mike T.

Tonia got an email from Jamie.

Bill talked to Erin Morrell.

Jim talked to Gina Carosella.

Jim had a meeting with the Alumni Association.  He saw Joe Whitehead.

Holly says Hi from Mike T.

Chelsea saw the Whiteheads.  They say Hi.


The Bitch Box was read.


The meeting was adjourned at 7:50 p.m.  We gathered in our Fellowship Circle and sang the Toast Song.