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Minutes for February 5, 2002

Kristi Logan called the meeting to order at 6:35 p.m.

Roll was called. Twenty-five Brothers attended the meeting: ·Karyn Bailey, Lexie Bush, Cristinia Cerquozzi, Erika Cerquozzi, Kelli-Beth Conway, Bill Covey, Chelsea Dowe, Sara Farooquee, Emily Fournier, Matt Hildebrand, Lindsey Howie, Miles Ingram, Hamed Kian, Ashley Lavendar, Lori Leniart, Kristi Logan, Joshua Machnik, Jessica Mikes, Meg Oehler, Jen Sims, Tarra Strauss, Kim Usselman, Tonia Vassilowitch, Tammy Westenfeld, and Missy Roma. ·Brothers in class: Shannon Marie Copas and Becky Monroe

Bill Covey moved to accept last week’s minutes pending corrections. Tammy Westenfeld seconded. Motion passed.

Treasurer’s Report (Bill Covey) We have $3,572.09 in General and $300.11 in Service. Dues are due March 5th: $30 for Brothers and $40 for pledges. An email will be sent out soon with the budget plan.

1st VP Report (Kelli-Beth Conway) We have Bingo this Thursday. Blood Drive signup tables are this week. We still have rush informational tables at the Student Union this week and on Monday, February 11th. Blood Drive is next week, February 11-15th. We have a few new service projects.

·The Stafford Spring Teen Night on Friday nights. We will meet at the student union steps. It runs from 5:30 p.m.-10 p.m.

·On Saturday, March 2nd the Willimantic Soup Kitchen needs help painting the room. You can also volunteer during the week from 8:30-4.

·UCONN PIRG has a hunger cleanup. There is a meeting Thursday, February 14th at 3p.m.

·Penguin Plunge. There is a $50 minimum sponsorship. It raises money for the Special Olympics. Chelsea and Jen C. are participating already.

·The Windham Community Hospital might need volunteers.

·My Sister’s Place, a shelter for women in Hartford is looking for people to volunteer Monday nights from 6-7:30 in childcare. There is also an opportunity to clean apartments on the weekends.

·The Leukemia Triathlon, an indoor health club triathlon, is on April 7th. They need between 10-15 volunteers. Please know by the next meeting if you can volunteer. 2

nd VP Report (Jessica Mikes) Please take a few posters for Rush and hang them up around campus. Anyone interested in being a Big Brother, please give your info to Jess. (name, semesters left, lineage, etc) There is an additional info session on Sunday, February 10th from 7-9. Meet in the office. Other Officer Reports

Recording Secretary (Lexie Bush) Letter from Meredith was read. Key cards were passed out. Anyone who did not receive one will have their card by the next meeting.

President (Kristi Logan) We will hold elections next week for Scouting Liaison, to replace Merrie. Ua is the temporary Scouting Liaison for the week. E-board members who do not have a key to the office need to make sure Kristi knows. All items to be discussed and put on the Agenda for Tuesday’s meeting must be submitted by 9pm on Sunday night either at E-board or through email to Kristi. Otherwise it will not be placed on the Agenda.

Fraternal Committees

Policy ( Kim Usselman) CPW (Chapter President Workshop) will be March 8-10. Only 25 people total attend, so spots are limited. Bill and Kim are going next week to try to get USG funding for 5 people.

Banquet (Chelsea Dowe) The fraternity voted and the Banquet’s Charity will be UCONN Husky Cancer.

Conclave (Jessica Mikes) Jess read a letter from Jack McKenzie, the National APO President. He has accepted Jess’s invitation to host a workshop at the Fall Conclave 2002 at UCONN.

Old Business

Ashley and Lindsay have letters ready to send out to inactive brothers.

Bill discussed the Budget for Spring 2002. We are assuming we will get $10/ring sale. It could end up being more. All other expenses have stayed about the same. Only additional spending is for an American Flag stand and a Fraternal Composite at a minimum of $350.

Chelsea requested a general fund for Husky. Jess motioned with a friendly amendment for $100 for the Husky discretionary fund. Kelli-Beth seconded. Motion passed.

New Business

Nominations for Scouting Liaison were given. Ua accepted the nomination. Voting will be during the next meeting.

Ashley moved to accept 5 hours of service for herself for volunteering at a Teen Coffee shop over winter break. Lori Seconded. Motion passed.

Point to the Good of the Order Kristi, Jen S, and Ua are all Brothers of the Week for putting up 300 posters in one night! Announcements were made. Letters and

Phone Calls. Jim talked to Nancy Klein. Jess talked to Mims, we are not in trouble! We received a postcard from UVM inviting us to Conclave, Spring 2002. Kristi saw Vicky. Jess talked to Erin Morrell.

The Bitch Box was read.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:35. We gathered in our Fellowship Circle and sang the Toast Song.