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Minutes for February 26th, 2002

Kristi Logan called the meeting to order at 6:40 p.m.

Helen from the Windham Hospital came to speak to us about volunteering.  There are a lot of options and areas to volunteer such as, ER patient liaison, one-day surgery unit, messenger escort aid, physical therapy, fit and fun senior program, and maternity ward.  Hours are very flexible.  Orientation and PPD test are mandatory.  March orientation will be on March 18, 2002.  There will be another one in April.

Kristi addressed a noise problem during the meetings.  Side conversations need to stop.  Please pass notes if you must talk to someone. Please be on time to meetings.

Roll was called.

Bill Covey moved to accept last week’s minutes pending corrections.  Emily Fournier seconded.  Motion passed.

Treasurer’s Report (Bill Covey)

We have $2873.13 in General and $639.52 in Service.  Dues are due March 12, 2002.  Dues are $40 for pledges and $30 for brothers.  See Bill if you requested a reimbursement check.

1st VP Report (Kelli-beth Conway)

Thanks for listening to Helen speak about volunteering at the Windham Hospital.

Please do not over-sign up for projects, especially Bingo.  Only 4 people should go each week.  Allow new people so sign up if you’ve gone before.

My Sister’s Place is on April 6, 2002 in Hartford.  We will be cleaning and painting an apartment.

Sign ups for the Special Olympics have started.  It is at Windham High.  If you plan on being a personal escort, plan on wearing a bathing suit.

Pledges of the week are Jen, Heidi, and Kathleen. 

Brother of the week is Kelli-beth (nominated by Jess) for always giving 200%.

There are new computerized pages in the book for writing down hours.

2nd VP Report (Jessica Mikes)

The pledges took their quiz.

Rachel Kovar talked about the pledge raffle.  It is for the Higley Family Fund.  The grand prize will be $300 to the COOP or alternative places.  They plan on advertising around campus.  Jess is going to write a letter soon notifying Vicki that her family is the pledge class namesake.

Other Officer Reports

Recording Secretary (Lexie Bush)

For everyone, but especially the pledges…make note that Becky Monroe is inactive and Terriane “Rose” Simpson is active. 

I will hand out a list of everyone’s instant messenger names at the next meeting. 

Scouting Liaison (Joshua Machnik)

Every week he is going to teach a new scouting technique.  This week he taught the Heimlich maneuver.

On April 19-20 there will be a campout/Goodwin Park Cleanup with scouts.

Fraternal Committees

Conclave (Kim Usselman)

We received $700 from USG for UVM Conclave, which means 20 people can go for free and we would like at least 5 of those people to be pledges.  Conclave is 4/12-4/14.

Conclave (Jess Mikes)

Bill and Kristi have been working on the budget.

Kelli has been working on banquet.  It will be in South Ballroom.  It’s going to be semi-formal with a sit down dinner. 

Tarra got us a DJ for banquet and is working on getting souvenirs.  She’s looking into engraved glassware, which will be filled with candy.  She also wants to get key chain picture frames. 

Karyn is working on PR stuff.  Anyone with a t-shirt idea should see Karyn.

Meg has a bunch of service ideas: Goodwin, churches, soup kitchen, friendship letters, Mansfield Dam, etc.

Kim has a list of workshop ideas; see Jess or Kim with any new ideas. 

We still need a safety chair.

Fundraising (Jen Chatfield)

She’s still looking into the late night ice-cream idea.  Has talked to the Dairy Bar and will update us with info. 

Husky (Chelsea Dowe)

The last basketball game went well.  There is a game this Saturday and a hockey game Sunday at 3pm.  Go support APO and Jonathan.  Wear letters. 

Jonathan was on NBC (channel 30) for the last basketball game.

Old Business

Banquet (Chelsea Dowe)

Chelsea moved to have two charities for the Banquet.

Rather than just having UCONN Husky Cancer Fund as the charity, she would like to include the Ken Kline Family Scholarship Fund.  The Fund is for an incoming freshman from CT who has been accepted at UCONN and already has a commitment to community service.

Jess Mikes seconded the motion.

Motion passed.

New Business

Kim informed us that USG did not give us any funding for the CPW (Chapter President’s Workshop).  It’s $60 and is in two weeks.

Kim move that the chapter pay for two people and the four delegates split the money between the four of them.  Jess seconded.  Motion passed.

Points to the Good of the Order

Jess turned 21!  Happy Birthday Jess!

Hamed asked for registration money for Run Walk for his Running Club from USG and they said no.  He asked if anyone would go with him to support the running club at a meeting.

Kristi asked than anyone with stuff for Tuesday’s agenda must email her by Sunday night. 

Announcements were made.

Letters and Phone calls

Jess talked to Erin Morrell.

Chelsea talked to Michelle Patterson

Jim talked to Juan Carlos

Sara saw Chad.

Kristi had lunch with Kevin Boguski and talked to Vicki.

The Bitch Box was read.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:25.  We gathered in our Fellowship Circle and sang the Toast Song.