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Minutes for February 12, 2002

Kristi Logan called the meeting to order at 7 p.m.

Roll was called

Brothers and new pledges introduced themselves

Bill Covey moved to accept last week’s minutes pending corrections.  Kelli-Beth Conway seconded.  Motion passed.

Treasurer’s Report (Bill Covey)

We have $3327.27 in General and $1,239.52 in Service.

1st VP (Kelli-Beth Conway)

We have Bingo this Thursday.

Blood drive is going on all week, please come help!

Husky Midnight Marathon is Friday, February 15-16th.  We are sponsoring ten-year-old Robert Burke.  We need at least 4 people at Jorgensen at 5pm on Friday.  Meet at the office at 4:30 if you want to go.

Concessions for the women’s B-ball game are on Wednesday Feb. 20th.  We need 9 more people.

Kerry Gudlewski, former pledge, wrote a letter about her participation in a marathon for leukemia.

Community service day is March 2nd.  We have the painting for covenant soup kitchen on that day.

Helen Scanlon from the Windham Hospital might come to a meeting.

Last call to sign up for the Leukemia Triathlon for Sunday, April 7th.  If you sign up, it is mandatory to go.  Details will follow soon.

2nd VP (Jessica Mikes)

Congrats to the new pledges who were inducted tonight.

Closed Session

Other Officer Reports

Recording Secretary (Lexie Bush)

Inactive letters from Shannon Copas, Emily Tuber, and Danielle Smith were read.

Brothers who have not received key cards should see Lexie.

The address list will be handed out by next Tuesday’s meeting.

Fraternal Committees

Husky (Chelsea Dowe)

We have a new fundraising idea for Jonathan.  We want to make chocolate lollipops in bone and paw print shapes to sell before and after the games and maybe in the dining halls too.  If anyone wants to help they’ll be making the lollipops at Jen, Missy, and Danielle’s apartment on Sunday, 2-7pm.

Fellowship (Kim Usselman)

Jess and Kim have planned a fellowship, “get to know you” event for Saturday 23rd.

There will be a fellowship committee meeting Sunday at 7pm, please show up if you want to get involved.

Conclave (Jess Mikes)

Talk to Jess if you want to get involved and help out.

Fundraising (Jen Chatfield)

If you have any fundraising ideas and are willing to help out please talk to Jen.

We need people to sign u for basketball concessions for the women’s game on Wednesday, Feb. 20th. 

Planning a big game of twister on the student union mall this spring.

Old Business


New Business

Elections held to make Ua Scouting Liaison. Motion passes.

Tammy moved to accept five hours of service.  Emily seconded.  Tammy volunteered with Habitat for Humanity this weekend.  She helped dry walled a house.  Motion passed, hours were accepted.

Kelli-Beth moved to make a $100 donation to midnight marathon.  Bill Covey seconded.  Motion passed.

Kelli-Beth moved to make a $500 donation for Kerry Gudlewski for Marathon for the team.  It must sit for two weeks. 

Points to the Good of the Order


Announcements were made.

Letters and Phonecalls

Jess saw Erin Morrell. 

Tammy talked to Erin Morrell.

Kristi saw Brain Nelson.

Kristi talked to Deanne, she’s engaged and getting married in June.

Jess saw Carrie Malcolm, she’s doing well.

Jim talked to Mike T.  He says hi. 

The Bitch Box was read.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:55.  We gathered in our Fellowship Circle and sang the Toast Song.