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Meeting Minutes – 9/24/02

Kelli-Beth Conway called the meeting to order at 7:36 pm

Roll was called.


Corrections to last week’s minutes:

Kelli-beth asked that the voting numbers please be removed from last week’s minutes.

Jess Mikes moved to accept last week’s minutes pending corrections.

Lori Leniart seconded.

Motion passed.


Treasurer’s Report (Tarra Strauss):

There is $2261.97 in General.

There is $1964.58 in Service.

There are still extra tee shirts for sale for brothers (because they have letters), so see Tarra if you are interested.


First Vice President’s Report (Lexie Bush):

Blood Drive tables start next week so please go when you signed up for.

There is Bingo on Thursday.

We will probably be doing nails at Juniper Hills on Wednesday and Friday afternoons.

There is a book sale in Ashford the weekend of October 19th, which is our Homecoming weekend, but they would like help setting up stuff so if you can please sign up in the book.

There is a Pasta Dinner tomorrow night at St.Thomas Aquinas.

National Denim Day is next week to benefit cancer, if you are interested in getting involved please see Jenna Shea.

Camp Jewell is looking for weekend volunteers to help out with maintenance at the camp, if you are interested in doing this let Lexie know so she can sign us up for a weekend.

Brother of the Week this week is Lori Leniart for all her hard work over the past month with rush and getting so many pledges.


Second Vice President’s Report (Lori Leniart):

Relay for Life volunteers are still needed so we can form a good-sized team.  Any pledges that are interested please talk to Lori.  There is also a possibility of forming a UConn team with others from Phi Sigma Pi (the Honors fraternity) and Kappa Kappa Gamma.

The first pledge meeting will be this Sunday at 8:00 p.m. in the office.

There will be a second induction for pledges this Sunday (the 29th) at 9:00 p.m. before our E-board meeting. Everyone is welcome – pledges and brothers.

Pledges are all expected to be at Tuesday Brotherhood meetings.  If you have a class or some other major conflict please talk to Lori as soon as possible.


Other Officer Reports:

Recording Secretary (Rachelle Theroux):

The address list of active brothers has finally been finished and copied and is being passed around so please take a copy.  There will be extras in the office if you need one.  Also, a new list will be made in the next couple weeks with all of the pledges included.


Scouting Liaison (Ua Machnik):

Ua needs people to help him out with scouting stuff, a campfire, and skits for Conclave, if interested please let him know.


Fraternal Committees:

Conclave (Jess Mikes):

The Conclave chairs are going to give short reports to let everyone, and especially new pledges, know what their committee is about:

-         Tarra Strauss, Entertainment Chair:

·        We are working on what people are going to do after they get here so they don’t get bored

·        There has been a scavenger hunt outline made and it looks like it will be a lot of fun

·        Ua will be organizing a campfire and skit

·        If anyone else has any other ideas for activities please let Tarra know

-         Kelli-Beth Conway, Banquet Chair:

·        We decided on dinner last week

·        Decorations are still being decided on

·        The Banquet will be Saturday, November 2nd in Rome Ballroom in South Campus

-         Meg Oehler, Service Chair:

·        We are still trying to work out a service project with fingerprinting children but haven’t had much luck so far

·        We may be doing something with the Mansfield Animal Shelter

·        Want to record books on tape to then donate to the Connecticut Children’s Medical Center

·        Also planning a Goodwin Park clean-up

-         Kim Usselman, Workshop Chair:

·        Right now we have 15 workshops in a variety of different areas

-         Kathleen Fitzgibbons, Safety Chair:

·        We got funded for campus signs which will save us a lot of money

·        Liability waivers and emergency contact forms are done

-         Karyn Bailey, Public Relations Chair:

·        The second mailing will be going out on Monday

·        Karyn needs help printing out labels, so if you have a printer that will do this please see her


We still need to find $5,000 for housing for Conclave.

There are now two pages in the book for our “Topless Car Wash” on two separate weekends in October, so everyone should sign up to volunteer for at least one of those days.

Kelli-beth got an idea from Holly about “Renting a Brother” to raise more money.  Basically brothers would go in pairs to someone’s house on a weekend and for $100 they would spend several hours doing yard or housework for the people who rented them.  Danielle Smith is going to look in to the details and figure out how we can get this project started in the next couple of weeks.

Kelli-beth also got an offer from an on-line food delivery service that needs help from campus groups and organizations to do marketing and postering for them.  In return we will get a certain percentage of each order the company takes in.  Rachel Kovar is going to look into this idea more.

Jess talked to someone about doing credit card tables on campus.  If we get brothers (or pledges) to go through the short training and then sit at the tables we will get $2 for every credit card application that is filled out.  If each person selling them gets 12 applications then our profit jumps to $4 per application.  Tarra is going to talk to Dining Services and see if we can get tables outside of the dining halls.  The tentative date for this project is Monday October 7th from 4:00 to 8:00 p.m.  Jess needs as many volunteers as possible so if you are available please let her know.


Homecoming (Jen Chatfield):

Tarra has been given all the most recent Homecoming information.

Pictures for royalty will be taken this week.

We need to decide as soon as possible if we want to do a banner this year.


Fellowship (Jess Mikes):

The Marist trip is next Wednesday.  Their meeting is from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m., so we would need to leave UConn no later than 4:30 that afternoon.  Anyone is welcome to come.

There is a Pasta Dinner this Wednesday night at St.Thomas Aquinas so any brothers or pledges that are interested in going please meet outside the church at 4:45 p.m.

Saturday night there is going to be “Make Your Own Pizzas” and movie night at Ashley Lavender and Meredith Sherman’s apartment.  Everyone is welcome to come and if you could please bring soda or a dessert it would be appreciated.


Husky (Jen Chatfield and Meg Oehler):

A handler needs to go with Jen this weekend to the football game on Saturday and the Open House.  If you are available at all please let her know.


Policy (Kim Usselman):

Kim is attempting to write legislation to get us half funding for our National Convention coming up in December in New Orleans.  She needs a list of people who are definitely interested.


Old Business:

There were three motions sitting from last week:

First, Jess Mikes had moved to front Conclave Committee up to $200 to put Jack McKenzie up in the Nathan Hale Inn for Conclave.

The motion passed.

Second, Jess Mikes had moved to front Conclave Committee up to $200 to put Bobby Hainline up in the Nathan Hale Inn for Conclave.

The motion passed.

Lastly, Jess Mikes had moved to front Conclave Committee up to $200 to put Maggie Katz up in the Nathan Hale Inn for Conclave.

The motion passed.


New Business:



Points to the Good of the Order:




Letters and Phone Calls:

Meg Oehler saw Kim Niewicki.

Lori Leniart saw Matt Hildebrand.

The Bitch Box was read.

Kelli-beth adjourned the meeting at 8:50 p.m.  Brothers and pledges joined in the fellowship circle and sang the Toast Song.