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Meeting Minutes – 9/17/02

Kelli-beth Conway called the meeting to order at 6:40 p.m.

Roll was called.

Barbara from the Red Cross came to speak about the Blood Drive that is coming up in October. She would like our support and volunteer hours especially this semester since the state has been on emergency blood appeal for 2 months now and we need to collect as much blood as possible. There will be a Blood Drive meeting on Thursday at 5:30 for anyone who is interested.

Tarra Strauss moved to accept last week’s minutes. Ua Machnik seconded the motion. Motion passed.

Treasurer’s Report (Tarra Strauss):

Semester dues need to be in to Tarra by October 8th.

There is $2494.58 in General.

There is $1964.58 in Service.

First Vice President Report (Lexie Bush):

There is a list going around and please sign up if you would like to volunteer for a lunch shift at the soup kitchen.

Please sign up and write down when you are available if you are interested in painting nails at Juniper Hills.

Another list is going around for people who were interested in volunteering for the children’s holiday parties – please write down what days are best for you.

There is now a new project in the book volunteering at St.Thomas Aquinas’ Wed. night pasta dinners, sign up if interested.

There are still FYE classes to go to for Rush, please sign up for them in the book.

The Willimantic newspaper had some possible volunteer projects for us to look into so Lexie will be making some calls this week and getting back to us at the next meeting.

Second Vice President Report (Lori Leniart):

Lori couldn’t be at the meeting this week but had a letter from her for Rachelle to read to everyone:

This is the last week of rush so everyone should be wearing his or her letters and pins.

There are still posters in the office that need to be hung up so if you haven’t already hung some please grab a stack and try to get some of the areas that haven’t been done yet. Northwest could really use a lot of posters, especially since it is all freshmen that live there.

This is the last week to speak to FYE classes. There are still a lot that haven’t been taken so grab a partner if you’d like and go try and convince some freshmen to get involved.

Informationals this week are Wed. and Thurs. from 7-9 in the office, and Sat. from 2-4 in the office. Please sign up in the book and remember that it is mandatory for everyone to attend at least one.

A few people are needed to help me deliver invitations for Induction on Monday night, if you would like to help either call or e-mail Lori.

Also, a definite list of people who will be going to the Relay for Life is needed this week so please sign up in the book so Lori can let the people in charge know how many volunteers we have.

Other Officer Reports:

Recording Secretary (Rachelle Theroux):

The Birthday List is being passed around, please take a copy and if you are not on the list (because you weren’t at last week’s meeting) please let Rachelle know so you will be on the revised list once we have pledges.

The address list should be copied and ready for distribution next week.

If anyone still needs a key card for the office let Rachelle know.

President (Kelli-Beth Conway):

We would like to have an Alpha Phi Omega delegate for Homecoming meetings ever Tuesday at 4:00. Jen Chatfield volunteered to go every week and report back to the brotherhood.

Start thinking about whether or not we want to do the banner or float for Homecoming this year.

Fraternal Committees:

Husky (Meg Oehler):

Cards are being made for Jonathan XII.

Anyone interested in working with Jonathan should please talk to Meg.

Conclave (Jess Mikes):

Conclave meetings are every Monday at 8:00. Last week’s meeting didn’t go well because only 2 Committee Heads showed up so this week all Committee Heads should be there.

Doug Fortin made up a budget for Conclave and things (except housing) look good.

We still don’t have housing for our guests and are now looking at fundraisers to get the money for hotels.

Karyn Bailey got the first set of invitations out on Monday. The next set will go out on the 28th and she will need help with that.

Fundraising (Bill Covey):

The whole chapter really needs to help out with fundraising to make sure we have a place for people to sleep in when they come here for Conclave.

Bill and others have come up with the following ideas to raise the $5,000.00 we need in the next 6 weeks:

work, but we would get paid $2,500.00. Meg is working out the finalities to see if we could do this project.

Also, Bill has now made Ua Machnik fundraising chair.

Conclave, ctd. (Jess Mikes):

We need to put hotel deposits down now so we really need everyone to commit to help out.

We are maybe going to try to get Alumni donations for the National Officers hotel rooms.

Meg Oehler is going to send out a general donation letter as a model for people to use when trying to get businesses and corporations to donate to us.

We are still going to need food donations for breakfast and lunch that weekend so please don’t hit up local restaurants for donations now.

Fellowship (Jess Mikes):

At 8:00 on Thursday Mo Rocca from "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" will be in the Student Union giving a free show so if any brothers are interested in going meet Jess in the office beforehand.

On October 2nd an interest group at Marist will be having a meeting about starting up a chapter there. They would love for any of us who are available to come up and speak with them that night.

Jess is planning a trip to Salem, Mass. in October and it may be in conjunction with SUBOG so if you are interested start saving some money.

Old Business:

First Vice President (Lexie Bush):

Anyone else who can help out at any of the Pasta Dinners in the future would be very helpful.

Anyone who is still interested in Relay for Life please call or e-mail Lori today.

There are still plenty of FYE classes available.

President (Kelli-Beth Conway):

  1. Voting on Budget

    Tarra announced the changes to the budget: dues are now up to $35 for brothers; Nationals registration is now included; officer discretionary funds have now gone up because Jonathan’s food is donated so we have more money available; the $170 listed on the budget as "office supplies" should be for our phone bill.

    The motion passed for the budget.

  2. New Homecoming Nominations:

Theresa nominated herself for Queen.

Jen Chatfield nominated Danielle Smith for Queen.

Meg Oehler nominated Dennis for King.

There was a heads-down vote and our delegate for Homecoming Queen is Tarra Strauss and for Homecoming King is Hamed Kian.

New Business:

Pledge policy was sent out and will be voted on tonight.

Lexie Bush made a motion to accept the policy pending grammar changes.

Meg seconded the motion.

Motion passed.

Jess moved to front the Conclave Committee $200 to put Jack McKenzie up in the Nathan Hale Inn for Conclave.

Danielle Smith seconded the motion.

Motion has to sit till next week.

Jess moved to front the Conclave Committee $200 to put Bobby Hainline up in the Nathan Hale Inn for Conclave.

Danielle Smith seconded the motion.

Motion has to sit till next week.

Jess moved to front the Conclave Committee $200 to put Maggie Katz up in the Nathan Hale Inn for Conclave.

Danielle Smith seconded the motion.

Motion has to sit till next week.

Anyone who signed up for Blood Drive Recruitment tables they will contact you with more details.


First Vice President nominations:

Lexie Bush

There was a heads-down vote and Lexie is now First Vice President.

Recording Secretary nominations:

Rachelle Theroux

There was a heads-down vote and Rachelle is now Recording Secretary.

Corresponding Secretary nominations:

Danielle Smith and Karyn Bailey

There was a paper vote and Karyn is now Corresponding Secretary.

Points to the Good of the Order

Wear nice, dark clothing to next week’s meeting because it is pledge induction. Please meet at 6:00 in the office.

Letters and Phone Calls:

Bill Covey saw Chad Southerland.

The meeting was adjourned by Kelli-beth Conway at 8:15 p.m. Brothers joined in the fellowship circle and sang the Toast Song.