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Meeting Minutes – 9/10/02

Lexie Bush called the meeting to order at 6:37 p.m.

Roll was called.

There were no corrections to last week’s minutes.

Tarra Strauss moved to accept last week’s minutes.

Hamed Kian seconded and the motion passed.


Treasurer’s Report (Tarra Strauss)

Tarra moved to accept the budget as submitted.

Rachelle Theroux seconded the motion.

Tarra moved to increase dues by $5.00 for greater expenses this year.

There is $3,422.35 in General.


First Vice President’s Report (Lexie Bush)

The book has been started and is being passed around.

St. Thomas Aquinas pasta dinners on Wednesday nights is a new project idea and will count as a campus hour.  They will run from around 4:00 to 7:30 and we will do one every other week starting 2 weeks from tomorrow.

Leukemia Walk definite volunteers are needed tonight so please sign up if you can attend.

Relay for Life calendar dates are wrong, it should be written as Sat. October 19th-Sun. October 20th.

America Reads Counts program with young children is another new project possibility.  Would like to have brothers sponsor two events in conjunction with this, possibly around holidays such as Halloween and Thanksgiving.

The Blood Drive is coming up in October.

Campus-wide Month of Kindness will be occurring in November.

Still trying to get in touch with UConn Fire Department to set up a specific project with them in association with 9/11.

Bingo this Thursday night and continuing every Thurs. for the next couple of months.

There is a Hebron Fair clean-up for tomorrow night and any help would be much appreciated.


Second Vice President’s Report (Lori Leniart)

The different informationals are listed in the service book and remember that it is mandatory for each brother to attend atleast one.

Postering still needs to be done in some of the dorms, please sign up and get posters in the office.

The different freshmen FYE courses are now also listed in the book, if you can go and talk at one please sign up, contact instructor, and do so before Sept. 24th.

Pledge policy has been written and is very similar to last semester’s policy. If anyone wants to read it there is a copy in the office.


Other Officer Reports:

Recording Secretary (Rachelle Theroux):

There is a birthday list being passed around so will everyone please sign it.

A new copy of the address list is being passed around as well, please look it over and write in any corrections so that the new list can be written and copied for next week.

Attendance Policy was announced with few changes from last year and the differences between excused and unexcused absences were clarified. If you know you are going to be unable to attend a meeting please call or e-mail Rachelle. If anyone has any further questions see Rachelle.

Letters of inactivity were read from Emily Fournier, Lindsey Howie, Sara Farooquee, and Tonia Vassilowitch.


President (Kelli-beth Conway):

Lexie read a letter from Kelli since she could not be at the meeting.  She thanked everyone for coming to CPPC, invites all to attend this Sunday’s e-board at 9:00 and asks that all Committee Heads attend e-board this week.


Fraternal Committees:

Husky (Meg Oehler):

Nothing new for this week.


Conclave (Jess Mikes):

Jess wants everything done for Conclave by October 28th – one week before Conclave actually occurs.

The first mailing goes out tomorrow to 90-100 people inviting them to come and giving them some initial information.

The second mailing will go out Sept. 28th  and Karyn Bailey can use a lot of help with this one.

Jess assigned Renita Bhatia as VIP Coordinator for Conclave to lead Jack McKenzie and others around.

Signs are being ordered to put up around campus, hopefully will be paid for by USG.

Still working with Bill Covey to get Endowment money for a hotel for the guests, will need a definite place for everyone to stay by Sept. 28th.

Committee Head budgets need to be submitted to Jess by Friday.

Conclave meetings will be held on Mondays at 8:00, Committee Heads must be there and everyone else is invited to attend as well.

Every brother will be put on a Conclave committee tonight so that the workload can be more evenly distributed.  Committee Heads each went over their committees so that brothers could choose where they would like to help.


Fellowship (Jess Mikes):

We didn’t get to finish up CPPC stuff on fellowship/friendship on Sunday so it was finished at the meeting.


Old Business:

First VP (Lexie Bush):

We only have 2 people for Bingo on Thursday, if anyone else can go it would be appreciated.

Last chance to sign up for the Leukemia Walk.


New Business:

Homecoming stuff needs to be in by September 20th.

Nominations for Homecoming King and Queen were held – Lori Leniart nominated Tarra Strauss for Queen and Hamed Kian for King.

There will be an election next week for First Vice President of Service.  Nominations opened this week.  Jess Mikes nominated Lexie Bush for First VP.

Points to the Good of the Order:


Announcements were made 

Letters and Phone Calls:


The meeting was adjourned by Lexie Bush at 7:42 p.m.  Brothers gathered in a Fellowship Circle and sang the Toast Song.