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Meet Jonathan

Back in 1934, the very first Jonathan was introduced to the University of Connecticut. He was a spunky black and grey pup, with bloodlines dating back to Admiral Robert E. Peary’s canines, who accompanied him to the North Pole . His death in early 1935 devastated the community of Husky fans. Thus with Jonathan II the face that would endure the test of time was introduced, a pure white husky pup whose likeness we still see today. In the late 1970’s the Student Government gave up ownership of the mascot, and after a long and fateful petition, Alpha Phi Omega stepped up as the new owners of the mascot.

The current University of Connecticut mascot is number twelve in a long line of Jonathans. Since the Jonathan II, they have all been pure white male dogs. Jonathan XII comes from an award winning bloodline and celebrated his first birthday April 16, 2002.

Jonathan XII’s favorite thing to do is service. His debut was September 22, 2001, and since then he has attended as many sporting events as he can, as well as University sponsored programs such as Husky WOW and Homecoming. In addition, plans are in the works for starting up a Husky Rescue in the area, as well as visits to the local children’s hospital and elementary schools. If you would like to request Jonathan for an appearance at your event or organization, email Alpha Phi Omega at, and put in the subject line “Husky”.

History of the Husky Mascot

Because we are a non-profit organization, we rely heavily on the kindness of the community. Local businesses and individuals donate many of Jonathan’s necessities, and many thanks are due to:

-Bolton Veterinary Hospital, Bolton, CT

-The Pet Store Next Door, Bolton, CT

-Severn/Brodny Kennels, Pomfret, CT

-Husky Greek Shop, Storrs, CT

If you would like to donate to the Husky fund, your contribution would be welcomed. Gifts can be directed to: Husky Fund, Alpha Phi Omega. University of Connecticut, Student Union Box U8-AP Storrs, CT 06269


August 23-28 Husky WOW- UCONN Storrs Campus, Time and Place TBA

September 14 Mansfield’s “Know Your Town” Fair- Town Hall, 12:30am 

Saturday September 28, Family Weekend


Jonathan’s friends need your help! Adopt a homeless pet.