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Delta Sigma

Each school that has APO on it hosts a different Chapter of the Fraternity. UConn is the home of the Delta Sigma Chapter. We are over 30 brothers strong this semester, with a pledge class of 10.

 Each Chapter has a different Constitution and By-Laws, all in accordance with the National Constitution and By-Laws. The following is some information about the Delta Sigma Chapter.

The Delta Sigma Chapter of Alpha Phi Omega was chartered January 12th, 1947.


President- supervision of chapter & officers, corresponds with the national office

1st Vice President (Service)- coordinates chapter service projects

2nd Vice President (Membership/Pledgemaster)- educates pledges, and is in charge of maintaining membership within the chapter

Recording Secretary- keeps records of all meetings, and attendance

Treasurer- manages chapter accounts

Historian- writes a detailed history of  the chapter each s